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Entitlement to Work in the UK

Documents that establish someone’s entitlement to work are split into two lists as shown below.

List A documents show that the holder is not subject to immigration control, or has no restriction on their stay in the UK. If you can produce a List A document then you can work through our Umbrella Service for an indefinite period.

List B documents demonstrate that the person has been granted leave to enter or remain in the UK for a limited period of time. If you provide documents from List B, then we will carry out checks before your employment commences and at least every 12 months thereafter to ensure that they have not lapsed.

  • A passport or National Identity Card showing that you are a British citizen, a EU or Swiss national
  • A UK residence permit issued to a EU or Swiss national
  • A UK Biometric residence permit
  • A Home Office document stating you have right of residence in the UK as the family member or EU/Swiss national
  • A passport endorsed to show you can stay indefinitely in the UK
  • A passport / travel document endorsed to show you can stay in the UK and can do the type of work you have applied to do
  • An Application Registration Card issued by the Home Office to an asylum seeker stating you are permitted to take employment

    LIST B
    A P45, P60 or National Insurance Card giving your permanent National Insurance Number and Name, PLUS any of the following:

  • A UK birth certificate or a birth certificate issued in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Ireland
  • A certificate of registration stating you are a British citizen
  • A letter or an Immigration Status Document from the Home Office indicating you can stay indefinitely in the UK
  • A letter from the Home Office stating you can stay in the UK and can do the type of work you have applied to do
  • We require Certified copies, or the Originals, of your documents.

    You may obtain certified copies at any police station, at your bank, or at a commissioner of oaths.

    If you submit your original documents, please ensure that you sent them via recorded mail. We will make copies of them and return them to you via recorded mail on the same day we receive them.