Pay Partners - Tax calculator

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* Only work-to-work mileage expenses may be claimed for immediate tax relief.
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How we calculated the taxes shown above.

The tax figures above have been based on you working the full year (52 weeks), an annual tax-free allowance of £ and no other income or expenses other than those posted above. Your tax-free allowance reduces by £1 for every £2 that your income is above £100,000 - this means your allowance is zero if your income is £0 or above.

If you are over the State Pension Age then you will be exempt from Class 1 Employees NICs.

The Company costs shown above include: The Umbrella company margin, employers NICs, company pension contribution and the apprenticeship levy.

Please note that your actual tax assessment may vary considerably from the illustration above due to your own specific circumstances, such as the number of weeks you actually work in the year, your actual tax code, your Pension Contributions and any other Allowances that may apply.